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Dokkan Battle Account 7500 - 8000 STONES | Japan

Dokkan Battle Account 7500 - 8000 STONES | Japan

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Dokkan Battle account

  • Region: Japan.
  • Platform: IOS / Android ( You need to choose )
  • account is already linked to the Gmail account.
  • After purchase, you will receive the Gmail account details.

you will receive your details form for the account in this method:

Email: Password: recovery-email

* The recovery email: The first time you sign in using the email and password it will ask you for 2nd verification, Pick the " recovery-email " verification method and insert the " recovery-email " inside

Instructions :

Click Here To Watch The Video On How To Link

1. Before linking the accounts delete the game and make sure there is no cache stored in the Phone / Emulator 

2. Install the game
3.  Check your product details (Email: Password: recovery-email)

4. Sign in using Google Play to the email and password and verify yourself using the "recovery-email" method ( needed for the first time ).

5. Download the game and have fun 


If you are on an iPhone and log in with an Android Device. All Stones will be lost. Same with Android.

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