Mastering Extreme Z-Awakening in Dokkan Battle

Mastering Extreme Z-Awakening in Dokkan Battle


Extreme Z-Awakening (EZA) in Dokkan Battle is a powerful way to significantly enhance your characters. If you're looking to take your team to the next level, understanding how to effectively Extreme Z-Awaken your characters is essential. Here’s your complete guide.

What is Extreme Z-Awakening?

Extreme Z-Awakening is a process that allows certain characters to surpass their level caps, greatly improving their stats and sometimes even enhancing their skills and leader abilities. This process is key for maximizing a character’s potential.

Steps to Extreme Z-Awaken in Dokkan Battle:

  1. Select Eligible Characters: Not all characters can undergo EZA. Check which of your characters are eligible for EZA in the character list or the Extreme Z-Awakening section.
  2. Participate in EZA Events: EZA is primarily done through special EZA events. These events are challenging and often require you to battle through progressively harder stages.
  3. Collect EZA Medals: As you complete stages in EZA events, you’ll earn specific medals required for the awakening process of that character.
  4. Awaken Your Character: Once you have the required medals, go to the ‘Team’ menu, select ‘Awaken,’ and choose the character you want to EZA. Use the medals to complete the awakening process.

Tips for Successful Extreme Z-Awakening:

  • Prepare a Strong Team: EZA events can be tough. Build a strong and well-rounded team to tackle these challenges.
  • Understand Event Weaknesses: Many EZA events have specific character or category weaknesses. Tailoring your team to exploit these weaknesses is key.
  • Stock Up on Awakening Medals: Regularly participate in EZA events to collect medals, even if you don’t plan to awaken a character immediately.


Extreme Z-Awakening is a vital aspect of progressing in Dokkan Battle, offering significant enhancements to your characters. By understanding the process and preparing appropriately for EZA events, you can take full advantage of this feature to power up your best characters.

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