How to Summon Porunga in Dokkan Battle

How to Summon Porunga in Dokkan Battle


Summoning Porunga in Dokkan Battle can significantly boost your gameplay. If you're aiming to call upon this powerful Namekian Dragon for his wishes, here’s how you do it.

Summoning Porunga:

Collect the Namekian Dragon Balls during special in-game events to summon Porunga. These are typically obtained by completing specific missions or tasks revealed over the course of the event.

What is Porunga?

Porunga, the Dragon of Dreams from the Dragon Ball universe, offers players a range of beneficial wishes when summoned in Dokkan Battle. These wishes can include rare items, character summons, or resource boosts.

Detailed Guide to Summoning Porunga:

  1. Track Special Events: Porunga summoning is part of special events. Keep an eye on announcements.
  2. Complete Missions for Dragon Balls: Collect all seven Namekian Dragon Balls by completing event missions.
  3. Summon and Choose Wisely: Once you’ve gathered all seven Dragon Balls, summon Porunga and select the wishes that best align with your gameplay needs.

Tips for Efficient Porunga Summoning:

Stay informed about upcoming events through official channels. Prioritize event missions to collect Dragon Balls quickly. The tasks vary, so be prepared for a mix of challenges.


Summoning Porunga is a thrilling aspect of Dokkan Battle, offering significant gameplay advantages. Stay active during special events, complete missions strategically, and make the most of Porunga’s wishes to enhance your Dokkan Battle experience.

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