How to Get STA in Dokkan Battle

How to Get STA in Dokkan Battle


In the world of Dokkan Battle, Stamina (STA) is key to participating in various events and quests. Running low on STA and need to refill? Let’s look at the best ways to recharge your Stamina and keep the battles going!

Earning STA:

Stamina naturally regenerates over time in Dokkan Battle. Additionally, STA can be replenished by using items like Dragon Stones or specific STA recovery items that are occasionally given as rewards or purchased in the game's shop.

What is STA?

STA, or Stamina, is the energy resource used to enter and play various stages in Dokkan Battle. It's essential for participating in events, quests, and battles. Managing your Stamina efficiently is crucial for continuous gameplay.

Detailed Guide to Earning STA:

  1. Natural Regeneration: STA regenerates automatically over time. The regeneration rate can vary, so keeping an eye on your STA bar is important.
  2. Dragon Stones: Use Dragon Stones for an instant STA refill. Be mindful of how you use these stones, as they are also used for summoning characters.
  3. STA Recovery Items: These items can be obtained through events, login bonuses, or purchased in the Baba's Shop. Use them strategically when you need a quick STA boost.
  4. Rank Up: Increasing your rank in Dokkan Battle also increases your STA limit and fully replenishes your Stamina.

Tips for Maximizing STA Usage:

Plan your gameplay around your Stamina. Utilize natural regeneration by taking breaks and aligning gameplay with STA refill timings. Use Dragon Stones and STA recovery items judiciously, saving them for important events or quests where having full Stamina is crucial.


Understanding how to manage and replenish your STA is crucial for a successful journey in Dokkan Battle. By strategically using your resources and planning your gameplay, you can make the most of your Stamina and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. Happy battling!

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