How to Get SSR Force Tickets in Dokkan Battle

How to Get SSR Force Tickets in Dokkan Battle


Looking to enhance your Dokkan Battle team with some powerful SSR characters? SSR Force Tickets are your ticket to achieving this. Let's dive into how you can acquire these valuable tickets.

Earning SSR Force Tickets:

The primary method to obtain SSR Force Tickets in Dokkan Battle is through participating in specific in-game events and missions. These events often reward players with SSR Force Tickets upon completion. Additionally, tickets can sometimes be found in the game's reward systems, like login bonuses or special campaigns.

What are SSR Force Tickets?

SSR Force Tickets are special items in Dokkan Battle, used to summon powerful SSR characters. These tickets are highly sought after as they give players a chance to add strong fighters to their roster, essential for tackling tougher challenges in the game.

Detailed Guide to Earning SSR Force Tickets:

Keep an eye on event calendars and announcements for Dokkan Battle. Events like the World Tournament, special anniversaries, or collaboration events often include SSR Force Tickets as rewards. Additionally, some special summon events may offer these tickets as part of their summoning mechanic.

Tips for Maximizing SSR Force Ticket Acquisition:

To increase your chances of acquiring more SSR Force Tickets, participate actively in all relevant events and missions. Plan your game strategy to complete these events efficiently, and ensure you log in daily to take advantage of any available rewards or bonuses that may include SSR Force Tickets.


Now that you know how to get SSR Force Tickets in Dokkan Battle, you're well on your way to summoning some of the game's most powerful characters. Stay engaged, participate in events, and watch your collection of SSR fighters grow!

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