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How to Earn Battlefield Memory in Dokkan Battle

Mastering the Battlefield: How to Earn Battlefield Memory in Dokkan Battle



Eager to unlock exclusive items in Dokkan Battle? The key lies in acquiring Battlefield Memory. Let’s delve into effective ways to collect this crucial currency.

Earning Battlefield Memory:

To accumulate Battlefield Memory in Dokkan Battle, engage in the Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash, also known as Battlefield mode. Victories in this challenging mode reward you with Memory. Also, stay vigilant for special game events and time-limited missions that often provide additional Battlefield Memory as part of their rewards.

What is Battlefield Memory?

Battlefield Memory is a valuable in-game currency used in Baba's Shop. It unlocks a variety of exclusive items, characters, and potential orbs, making it a coveted asset for enhancing your gaming experience.

Detailed Guide to Earning Battlefield Memory:

Your main avenue for earning Battlefield Memory is through consistent participation in the Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash. This mode challenges you with a series of battles, rewarding successful encounters with Battlefield Memory. Moreover, certain in-game events and missions periodically offer this currency, presenting extra opportunities for collection.

Tips for Maximizing Battlefield Memory Gain:

Maximize your Battlefield Memory by strategically building a diverse and robust team tailored for the Ultimate Clash. Additionally, carefully choose the timing of your battles to ensure you're well-prepared, optimizing your chances for success and greater Memory acquisition.


Now equipped with the know-how for gathering Battlefield Memory, you're ready to unlock the full potential of Baba's Shop in Dokkan Battle. Keep your strategy sharp and your battles fierce. Happy gaming!

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