Dokkan Battle Late-Game Guide

Dokkan Battle Late-Game Guide

Once you've reached the late-game in Dokkan Battle, you'll be able to tackle the most challenging content in the game, such as Super Battle Road, Extreme Z-Battle, and Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash. However, to succeed in these events, you'll need to have a strong team and a good understanding of the game's mechanics.

Here is a guide to help you advance in the late-game:

1. Focus on building strong teams.

This means having a team of characters that can work together effectively. Consider the following factors when building your teams:

  • Team composition: Make sure to have a mix of different types of characters, such as Attackers, Defenders, and Supporters.
  • Leader skills: Choose a leader skill that boosts the stats of the characters on your team.
  • Link skills: Link skills give characters additional boosts when they are placed next to each other on the team.

2. Dokkan Awaken and EZA your characters.

Dokkan Awakening and Extreme Z-Awakening your characters will significantly increase their stats and abilities. This is essential for clearing the most difficult content in the game.

3. Farm Hidden Potential Orbs.

Hidden Potential Orbs can be used to unlock the full potential of your characters. You can farm Hidden Potential Orbs in various events and stages.

4. Use items wisely.

Items can be very helpful in difficult events. Don't be afraid to use them if you need to.

5. Learn the game's mechanics.

There are a number of important mechanics in Dokkan Battle that you need to understand in order to succeed in the late-game. These mechanics include:

  • Type advantage: Certain types of characters are strong against other types. For example, TEQ characters are strong against PHY characters.
  • Ki orbs: Ki orbs are used to power up your characters' attacks.
  • Super Attacks: Super Attacks are powerful attacks that can deal a lot of damage to enemies.
  • Active Skills: Active Skills are special abilities that can be used once per battle.
  • Links Skills: Link Skills give characters additional boosts when they are placed next to each other on the team.

6. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and events.

Dokkan Battle is constantly being updated with new content and events. It's important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events so that you can take advantage of the best opportunities to improve your team and advance in the game.

Here are some additional tips for late-game Dokkan Battle players:

  • Save your Dragon Stones for Step-Up Summons. Step-Up Summons offer a better chance of summoning powerful characters.
  • Participate in all events. Even if you can't clear all of the stages in an event, you should still try to participate because you can earn valuable rewards, such as Hidden Potential Orbs and Training Items.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many online resources and communities where you can get help from other Dokkan Battle players.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to advancing in the late-game of Dokkan Battle.

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