Dokkan Battle: How to Get Incredible Gems (Green)

Dokkan Battle: How to Get Incredible Gems (Green)


In the quest for powering up your team in Dokkan Battle, Incredible Gems, especially the green ones, play a crucial role. If you're wondering how to stock up on these valuable gems, here's your guide to acquiring them.

Earning Incredible Gems (Green):

Green Incredible Gems in Dokkan Battle can be primarily obtained by playing through certain story missions and events. These gems are often dropped as rewards for completing specific stages, particularly in the 'Quest' mode.

What are Incredible Gems (Green)?

Green Incredible Gems are a type of currency in Dokkan Battle used to purchase various items, characters, and resources from Baba's Shop. They are essential for unlocking powerful boosts and rare characters in the game.

Detailed Guide to Earning Incredible Gems (Green):

  1. Play Through Story Missions: Focus on completing story missions, as many of these missions drop Incredible Gems upon completion.
  2. Look for Special Events: Keep an eye out for events that offer Incredible Gems as rewards. These events can provide a substantial number of gems.
  3. Replay Missions: You can replay missions for additional chances to earn gems. Look for stages with higher drop rates to maximize your gem collection.

Tips for Maximizing Incredible Gem Collection:

Plan your play sessions around the missions and events that offer the highest gem drop rates. Utilize any boost items or characters that increase drop rates to enhance your gem collection efforts.


Collecting Green Incredible Gems in Dokkan Battle is all about strategic play and taking advantage of the right opportunities. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to amassing a wealth of gems to power up your gameplay in no time!

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