Dokkan Battle: Free-to-Play (F2P) Guide

Dokkan Battle: Free-to-Play (F2P) Guide


Playing Dokkan Battle as a free-to-play (F2P) user can be just as enjoyable and rewarding as playing with in-app purchases. This guide is tailored to help F2P players maximize their experience and succeed in the game without spending money.

F2P Strategy in Dokkan Battle:

  1. Resource Management: As a F2P player, managing your Dragon Stones and other resources is crucial. Avoid spending Dragon Stones on stamina refills or continues in battles.
  2. Maximize Event Participation: Engage in all events, especially those offering free characters, Dragon Stones, and other valuable resources.
  3. Smart Summoning: Save your Dragon Stones for multi-summons during Dokkan Festivals or special events. These often have better rates and featured characters.
  4. Utilize F2P Characters: Many F2P characters, once fully awakened and powered up, can be incredibly strong and useful in various game modes.
  5. Complete Quests and Missions: Regularly completing quests and missions provides a steady flow of resources, including Dragon Stones.

Building a Strong F2P Team:

  • Focus on Versatile Characters: Choose characters that can fit into multiple team categories.
  • Prioritize Potential System: Invest in the Hidden Potential system for your strongest F2P characters to significantly enhance their capabilities.

Advanced F2P Tips:

  • Battlefield and Dokkan Events: Participate in the Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash (Battlefield) and Dokkan Events for exclusive rewards and medals.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with game news and updates. Knowing upcoming events and updates can help you plan your resource usage more effectively.


Being a successful F2P player in Dokkan Battle is all about strategic resource management, making the most of events, and building a versatile team. With patience and strategy, F2P players can achieve great success and thoroughly enjoy their Dokkan Battle journey.

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