DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Potara Medals

DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Potara Medals


In DBZ Dokkan Battle, Potara Medals are essential for certain character awakenings. If you're looking to awaken your Potara team characters, knowing how to obtain these medals is key. Here's your guide to finding Potara Medals.

Earning Potara Medals:

Potara Medals in Dokkan Battle can primarily be obtained through specific events, particularly the Supreme Kai's Trials. These trials offer Potara Medals as rewards for completing various challenges.

What are Potara Medals?

Potara Medals are used for the Dokkan Awakening of specific characters, especially those related to the Potara Fusion category. These awakenings can significantly enhance your characters' abilities and stats.

Detailed Guide to Earning Potara Medals:

  1. Participate in Supreme Kai's Trials: Focus on completing these trials, which are accessed through the 'Team' menu. Each trial has different requirements and missions.
  2. Complete Specific Missions: Many missions in Supreme Kai's Trials are linked to main story events or specific character team compositions. Ensure you meet the criteria for each mission to earn the medals.
  3. Check Event Rewards: Some special events or time-limited quests also offer Potara Medals as rewards. Keep an eye on event announcements.

Tips for Maximizing Potara Medal Acquisition:

Plan your team composition according to the Supreme Kai's Trials requirements. Keep your game updated and participate in events regularly to take advantage of any opportunities to earn additional Potara Medals.


Collecting Potara Medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle requires a strategic approach to Supreme Kai's Trials and staying active in the game's events. With these tips, you’ll be able to efficiently gather the medals needed for awakening your Potara characters and enhancing your gameplay.

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